Fixing Leaky On Single Handle Faucet

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Single Handle Faucet – They do not have the washers you find in other types of faucets. Instead, they rely on gaskets, cylinders, and entry seals for operation. Leakages develop less frequently than old compression taps and are easy to repair. Ball and cartridge faucets usually due to leakage of worn O-rings or other parts.

Turn off the water supply by screwing the tap water line all the way to the right with your hand. It is usually under the sink or deactivating the main line.  Loosen the tap wrench, using a wrench. Lift the handle with your hands. Remove the adjusting ring and the cover is directly under the handle. Use pliers if necessary. Remove the cam, the cam washer, and the ball rotating with your fingers. These systems adapt directly below the exit. Remove the inlet seals and springs with needle nose pliers.

Cut the o-rings with a knife. These sit directly at the base of the tap. Fit the new O-rings comfortably in place with your fingers. Reassemble the faucet in the reverse sequence used to disassemble it. As you go, inspect each part. If a part seems to be worn, replace it. Cover the drain to prevent the screws and nuts from falling in. Place the pieces carefully in the order in which they were removed. This provides a visual representation and makes a snap-reassembly.