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Shower tub faucet – Wondering what the bath are and shower trends in this year? Find our best bathroom fixtures, showers and baths trends in 2019 to spend your next mornings surrounded by style! When renovating a bathroom, the first thing to do is to choose its equipment: the bath, the shower, the taps, and the furniture. The decoration will come only in a second time.

Among the latest trends, there is the return of the bidet that had disappeared from our bathrooms. We push the walls to make it fit and to position an island bath or a bath with lion’s feet that comes back into fashion. Since it lacks a little space and we want to limit the obstacles to the maximum, we remove the frills of the shower wall to leave only a single glass pane very light.

We can even forget it totally! On the ground, no steps to stride. The receiver is flat if the shower is not already built to the Italian. Shower drains are transforming to become more design, just like the taps that lengthen, curl and take the black! The washbasins unfold more while the furniture that supports them rise in height, on stilts or suspended in the air.