Find Ideas For Double Trough Sink

Trough Bathroom Sink With Two Faucets

Double trough sink – If space permits, two laundry facilities provide great convenience in shared bathrooms. Find ideas for bathroom vanity with double space, double storage and also double the style. Modern lines get a dose of heat and texture with recycled wood and stone walls. Trays of storage keep the table free of clutter. The gray color palette is lit with sharp white light fixtures and accessories. This classic double-wash vanity built from a single marble set on top of the chimney is just the beginning of the old world sensibility infused into this charming vintage-style bathroom.

Though technically only a sink in this spacious vanity. There is absolutely room for two. A wide trough-style sink provides a creative alternative to two separate sinks. Yet two taps and two mirrors make overhead vanities like a double bed. While the sink adds a modern touch, vintage scones like weathered cabinet base and refurbished flea market find sconces maintain an elegant sophistication.

A neutral color palette and smooth lines in this double vanity reflect the relax state of mind that comes from looking out over the lake beyond this bathroom. Warm maple cabinets create an inviting yet modern base for this vanity. With a limestone tabletop and sleek chrome fittings that fit the simplicity of care area.