Favorite Solutions Tile Wood Floor

Dark Tile That Looks Wood Floors

Tile wood floor is a good way to combine the beauty of wood with an easier-to-maintain surface, typical for tiles. This type of flooring brings character to the indoor and outdoor spaces it decorates. And, for this reason, it is one of the favorite solutions of many French people. In response to this growing research, almost all major European producers now offer one or two products in this range. Parquet flooring is suitable for the layout of all rooms of the house, as well as for parties outside, as terraces or balconies.

As with other types of tiles, models intend for use inside the home are generally different from those made for outdoor use. It is therefore necessary to inquire about the type of product. The installation recommendations and its characteristics, before proceeding with the purchase. One of the great benefits of wood-effect tiles is the fact that they can be installed in spaces where the use of wood is a little more difficult.

Examples of this kind of spaces inside the house are the bathroom, the toilet and the kitchen. There, one hesitates to install a wooden flooring for two reasons. Firstly because of the humidity and then because of the cleaning. Finally, carreayx can be cleaned with ecological products. While wood flooring has to be maintain in many cases with specific artificial substances (waxing, deep cleaning). Tiles can be easily cleaned with organic products. Or, why not, with using homemade detergents, such as white vinegar.