Favorite Ceramic Tile Wood Look Type

Wood Look Ceramic Tile Floor And Decor

Ceramic Tile Wood Look – The floor surface that supports wood will create a warm and natural atmosphere in the dwelling. However, using a wooden floor can be said to be difficult to deal with for maintenance. For example, you have to pay attention to the humidity of the air inside because the wood is easily weathered. Not to mention having to diligently do furnishing to keep looking beautiful. For those of you who want to create a warm and natural atmosphere of wood but don’t want to bother caring for it, just try using wood motifs.

This ceramic motif can create an atmosphere similar to wood floors, plus you can freely run around because the durability of the ceramic is stronger than wood floors. Sounds interesting. If you are interested in applying it on the residential floor, refer to some wood motif ceramics with the following motifs. Ceramic wood motifs in various colors, wood ceramic motifs are not only for traditional-style dwellings but also suitable to be applied to modern-style dwellings.

For the traditional impression to disappear, you can use several colors of wood at once. Dark brown, light brown, gray, and white will create a modern and bright impression. Ceramic wood motif with a chessboard pattern, who is the chess board only if it is black and white? You can also use a chessboard using wood motifs. Choose dark brown as black and light brown as white on the chessboard pattern. The wood fiber lines on the ceramic will make the floor more beautiful.