Farmhouse Laundry Room In The Washbasin

Elegant Small Laundry Room Ideas

If you are planning a new farmhouse laundry room, you may want to include a sink that can be used to wash the toughest stains, pre-treat stained clothing and conventional cleaning supplies – such as muddy rubber boots. Select a sink that suits your needs and also that complements your theme of color and decoration of your laundry room.

Install a two-breasted sink in your sink. This is a great way to separate the clothing that is being treated and the cleanliness of the clothes you are rinsing. Use the first part of the sink to apply prewash stain removers and to gently rub stains. You can also use this side of the sink to allow the stain remover set in the clothes for a few minutes. Transfer the clothes to the second half of the double sink if you are ready to rinse your laundry or you want to soak in a wash with hot water.

Buy a refractory clay sink for a modern country house with laundry with country themes. The refractory clay heatsink can also work in a kitchen, so this is something to consider if you are trying to connect the two rooms for some of the features. Refractory clay is hard, making this a sink of a resilience. The “farm look” is simple and pleasant.