Fairly Simple Installing Free Standing Sink

Bathroom Sink Stands

Installing a free standing sink is a fairly simple task that you can do yourself. Of course, plumbing work requires some skill and is associated with the risk of flooding the neighbors with improper installation. Therefore, if there is an opportunity, it is best to invite a specialist from a repair company. But if you are curious to try it yourself, why not? As a rule, the sink and the “leg” are sanitary ware. Porcelain options, an artificial stone, glass are possible.

First, we are interested in the place of attachment. Walls and floor, plumbing findings, sewer conclusion. Although the majority of the weight of the hull rests on a pedestal, a wall attachment is also required. Therefore, the walls must be strong. No plasterboard or plywood. If the drywall is properly reinforced on a frame base and a slab is placed on it, this additional fastening option is possible, although less reliable.

The floor must be level, the base must be free and level. Try to assemble the structure without fasteners and pay attention to what can prevent you. The pedestal must not be loosened, the sink must not deform. To align the pedestal is convenient to use silicone pads, they are quite dense and do not slip. If the bias is strong, you will have to level the soil with a mixture of cement.