Dressing Your Window With Chic Cabin Curtains

Bear Rustic Curtains

Cabin curtains – The log cabins are charming because they tend to fall in with the nature that surrounds them. It is the same feel that must be achieve in cabin window treatments. This is why window dressings must be simple and fabrics look natural. This does not mean that your choices are limit. On the contrary, there are many different fabrics, curtains types and accessories that will help you achieve this natural, simple look.

Use natural fibered fabric for your cabin curtains and curtains. Use natural linens, canvas, muslin or cotton fabrics. Find loosely woven fabric for a more rustic look. Then, you can make simple slip-in curtains, tabs curtains, or add a little accents by sewing simple handmade, or stone buttons throughout the bar border of the curtain. Log cabins emphasize nature and natural fibers, will help integrate the natural elements of the furniture.

Add natural elements to curtain rods and window treatments. Forged iron curtain rods with natural-inspired finials can bring this natural element into the living room and fall in with the natural outdoor elements and the simple furniture in the room. Look for finials of sculptural branches, birds and cones. Bring true nature indoors by creating a curtain rod from a branch.