Dream Of Basement Remodeling Ideas

Basement Remodel Ideas Color

Do you have a basement that you do not use, and have you long been dreaming about basement remodeling ideas for living? Read more and get the most important precautions before you start decorating your basement. Even if you believe that your basement is suitable for living, it is a good idea to apply for permission from your municipality before you throw yourself in the process of putting up the wallpaper and establishing a new floor in the basement.

The municipality must give permission for your basement room in your home to be used as a living room. Is the ceiling high enough? Basements are often built lower from floor to ceiling, as they were originally not intended as an area in which we should live. Therefore, you should first check whether the ceiling is sufficiently high. Ceiling must be at least 2.30 meters from floor to ceiling to be approved for residential use.

If your ceiling is not high enough, you can lower the floor in the basement, thus increasing the height from the floor to the ceiling. This may be the most important measure you should take before setting up your basement. If the case is that a fire in your home arises, how are the escape options if you are in the basement? If your basement has a direct exit to the outside, the room is secured.