DIY Steps To Build Home Wine Cellar

Wine Seller

A key component to enjoying wine to its full potential is storing correctly in the home wine cellar. An environment with temperature, vibrations and controlled humidity like that offered by a winery is ideal. No matter what kind of space limitations you may have, you can make a wine storage unit that works for your home that will protect your investment.

Measure the size of the area you are going to use. Examine environmental factors. The area you choose should be free of vibrations and direct sunlight. Decide the number of bottles you will store. You can then buy racks that will hold the bottles so they can be on their sides. Apply the sealer to the floors with a mop. Mount the plastic vapor barrier for the walls and then the roof, using the hammer and nails. Insulate the walls and the roof with double-insulated insulation. Seal the cracks in the insulation with the foam spray.

Place the insulated door in its position. Seal all the slots in the door with the foam. Place the finished material of the wall moisture resistant walls and ceiling. Measure the finished surface. Using the formula “width x depth x height = cubic area,” determine the size of the unit that will need cooling. Install the wine racks in the cellar. If there is a window that was not covered, keep the bottles away from direct light.