Dimensions Of The Laundry Sink Cabinet

Utility Sink Faucet

Laundry Sink Cabinet – As the main center for family life, the kitchen must be well designed and aesthetically pleasing. The design of the cabinets is an essential part of this function. And will determine how well space flows and how easy the preparation of the food is. Cabinet proportion is part of a successful remodeling and involves selecting parts. That is in keeping with the size of the room.

The standard depth of the base cabinets regardless of the manufacturer is 24 inches. This is the measurement from the front to the back of a cabinet. And it is important to know when a sink cabinet is select to prevent areas that are uneven. A standard height for these cabinets is 34 1/2 inches, which rises to 36 inches when they are responsible for the countertop. Cabinet width will have the widest variety, generally starting as narrow as 9 inches and increasing in 3 inches wide increments of 36 inches.

The measurement for the above cabinets, the size is considerably more varied than with base cabinets. This represents the diversity of windows, appliances and other architectural elements accommodate these musts of pieces. These cabinets have two depth options, 12 or 24 inches. Unlike with base cabinets that the house counter and should be uniform, overall measurements height will vary greatly. The minimum height is usually 12 inches and measured in 3-inch increments for most manufacturers, reaching as high as 42 inches.