Different Ceramic Tile Shower Ideas

Ceramic Shower Ideas

Ceramic tile shower ideas – Designer shower tiles can create an interesting point of interest in the bathroom. While many shower enclosures end up as a monochrome area, using a small design skill can create a beautiful designer cabinet without compromising on budget. The shower tile floor can be used to bring an organic, earthy pattern to the bathroom. And the shower ceramic walls can be tiled in single color tiles or multiple different tile colors and styles to bring beauty.

Use smaller tiles when tiling a shower floor to tilt the floor to your drain. Mosaic tiles that are 3 inches by 3 inches or smaller are a good choice. Choose a tile with a rougher texture for a good grip under the feet. Organic patterns can be achieved with stone pebble tiles, which offer a relaxed natural texture. Other tiles, such as 2 inch by 2 inch mosaics, are available in different colors for each decor.

Use tiles of one size on shower walls to create regularity. If you only use one size and color tile, you can also hide any imperfections in your walls or tile installation. A single tile pattern does not have to be a straight and straight pattern; instead, use a brick pattern to generate interest by moving each row of tiles halfway through the previous row.