Design To Decorate Basement Ceiling Ideas

Unfinished Basement Ceiling Style

Basement ceiling ideas – The ceiling is an often underutilized decoration space, but it offers a large design element that can tie a boardroom. Because a basement is a less public area of ​​the house. Then you often have more flexibility to experiment with wilder designs or to try out a look. How to choose a design for your roof, consider the amount of effort you want to spend and the budget required for the project.

For windowless basements, lighting is a key factor in creating a usable space. Instead of occupying the floor or wall, install lights on the ceiling. Avoid the traditional center lamp and fluorescent lighting. Which can create dark spots in the corners and make an unflattering environment. Instead, make use of the natural sweetness of a basement with soft lights; Recessed pot lights and track lights create even, soft light and can be placed to add brightness to the entire environment in the absence of natural light.

The best basement ceiling can be an ideal space for a mural. For a more sophisticated look, it may be simple and elegant by using a slightly paler shade of paint to create a pattern. If the basement is used mostly by children or members of the immediate family. Have the opportunity to use bright colors and designs or to make a reproduction of a sky-themed work of favorite art. Sketch the mural in advance to get an idea of ​​how to best use the space.