Design Of Basement Bar Ideas

Design Rustic Home Bar

Basement bar ideas – Basements are popular places to build a bar at home. And basement bars tend to be masculine in design. Basements, with their low levels of light, lend themselves well to the dark and cozy atmosphere of bars. While decorating the bar depends largely on your personal taste, the best way to decide on a decoration is to first determine how you will use the basement bar.

Create your own sports bar. Many men long for their own sports bar; a place to meet with friends and family to watch the big game and have a few beers. To transform the bar into a sports bar, you will first have to invest in a large flat-screen TV. This can be hung behind the bar or on a nearby wall. Provide plenty of seats in the form of comfortable stools. Hang posters, a large clock and other items that promote your favorite sports teams. You can rotate according to the type of the season. Have in your bar with cups, coasters and other accessories and materials that reflect your love for the sport.

Create an elegant and sophisticated look for your basement bar. Invest in some high quality bar stools in a polished dark wood, with leather cushions. Illuminate the mirror behind the shelves in your bar and show your best wine glasses and other glass. Paint the walls a rich, deep color like the forest green. They hang framed posters of famous wineries or metal wall sculptures. Choose high quality glass color shades for your hanging lights that hang over the bar, and use coasters for marble or other high-end material.