Design Inspiration Modern Beach House

Modern House At The Beach

Modern Beach House – Everyone has their own dream home. Who likes cold weather with the surrounding greenery, can choose the climbing area. Who likes freedom as well as blue and the vastness of the sea, will definitely choose to live in a beachfront house. Even though the coastline is identical to fisherman settlements, it does not mean you cannot build a luxury beach house. 8 designs of this minimalist luxury home model will give you the opportunity to enjoy the experience of staying at home like the one in Sydney.

The modern beach house that is good which gives us the opportunity to see outside freely. Houses with spacious balconies or large window walls like DH This house is very suitable to be built on the beach, you can make the swimming pool closer to the shoreline so that your relaxed sitting feels private, but does not eliminate the waves. This house located in Semarang is a residential and office house.

With natural materials and colors, this house features a simple and comfortable modern side. With most transparent walls, House 1 design is very suitable for those who want to build a modern beach house, Houses that are in the Jakarta area appear with a unique design. Wide windows and a balcony that allows you to see the coastal scenery freely.