Decoration Of A Log Cabin Homes

Log Cabin Homes Pictures

A log cabin homes can be decorated in the simplest style, or it can be made more modern. Our pioneer ancestors cleared the land of trees and then used the trees to build their houses and furniture. Our options for furniture are much broader today, but the same styles can still be purchased to reproduce the originals.

Handmade quilts are very attractive when stretched across a bed. Quilts add country charm and a realistic touch to the bedroom decor. Quilts give a softer side to a rustic theme. Fill a child’s room with flannel pillows and wool throws. Plaid flannel pillows in the patterns are cozy but still pleasing to a young man. Mix colors and appropriate patterns. Use flannel for women in the family too. Solid colors with a wool band are perfect for snuggling while reading. Flannel sheets take cold from the night air and are available in solid colors or patterns.

The kitchen is usually where friends and family gather because that is where all the action is. Suspend pots from an overhead shelf. This is not only practical in terms of saving space but giving a casual feeling. Hang the wrought iron kitchen utensils hooks on the walls, and cover an apron on a hook for decoration. Kitchen windows covered with crisp cafe style curtains is a simple and authentic treatment. A box of cookies on the countertop gives a pleasant feeling. Put the hooks under the cabinets to facilitate access to cups that can be mixed or combined.