Decorate Modern Barn House

White Modern Barn House Design

To decorate a modern barn house successfully, just look at your house for inspiration. It is likely that you decide that the best decorative elements for the home, such as this complement the building materials of the barn and the comfortable personality. Place a decorative sofa-bed in the living room. Decorate it with handmade quilts. Add an abundance of cushions inspired by the countryside. These can be characterized by calico patterns, small image rag doll or cheap cotton.

Use mats that accentuate the barn life lightness. Choose woven rag rugs or Native American mats. Because the living barn house is an extension of life in the country, choose colorful rugs that reflect the environment of countries, such as wheat, forest green or soft yellows. Place these rugs in front of the sofa and fireplace, as well as in front of the front door. Add the furniture that suits the country’s style. Select leather sofas with wooden legs or denim upholstered chairs. Pick matching accent pieces such as ottomans in the same fabrics as well.

Start your sofa with accessories such as throwing blankets or bedspreads. These invite people to curl up and add splashes of color to your sofa without being unbearable. Accent the blankets or quilts with cushions similar to those you already have on the couch.

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