Create A Fantastic Diy Wine Cellar

Wine Cellar Designs For Small Spaces

Much is possible in the area of setting up a diy wine cellar. You can of course use an existing cellar, but you can also choose to purchase a so-called silo wine cellar. This is a small circular space that is built into your floor with a spiral staircase to enter. The top is closed by a glass plate. So that the temperature remains constant and of course to ensure that you have no hole in your floor.

Of course, such a wine cellar does have a price tag. But luckily it is certainly an option to design a room that you do not use as a walk-in wine cabinet. But also a corner of the kitchen can be transformed into a small wine cellar, or perhaps the space under the stairs. It is always a good idea to build or buy a wine racks and adapt it to your interior.

This is not only a useful detail in the layout, it is already decorative, very trendy in all shapes and sizes. It is not necessary to have a large unused room to create a wine cellar design. Wine storage is already very easy even for small spaces. You can choose between rustic self-made wine rack and modern bottle rack that will adorn your wall.