Choose Your Ideal Kitchen Sink Sizes

American Standard Sink Size

Kitchen sink sizes – Pivot of most activities in the kitchen, the sink must reconcile several imperatives: withstand thermal shocks (hot and cold), sharp objects, fats and acids. It must also be easy to maintain. The design of the tank also contributes to the notion of comfort. The classic rectangle difficult to clean because of the right angles is now competing with more ergonomic shapes , round, cutaway, trapezoidal or special angle that solve problems of space without sacrificing the size of the bins.

The sink is no longer limit to a simple tank: come graft multiple integrated accessories or optional. A basket bung equipped with a filter retains the waste likely to plug the siphon. The automatic emptying, ensured by a control located near the faucet avoids to dip the hands in the dirty water.

The drip tray is meanwhile clever: reversible, it fits one side or the other; mobile, it settles over the ferry; it can also be turned into a dish rack, convenient for vegetables or fruits and products to defrost. A wire basket is also very useful for drying a small crockery or cutlery. Finally, a sliding cutting board covering the sink when not in use can serve as a complementary preparation plan.