Choose Your Favorite Tile Shower Shelves

Corner Shower Shelves

Tile shower shelves – The life of a completely white bathroom can be difficult. Instead of trying to incorporate bright colors, opt for a tile shower shelf in a very light tile. The glossy texture will help you blend in with the rest of your white bathroom, but you cannot go wrong with neutrality. Are you in love with neutral shower tiles? Embrace it! Mix your shower tile pieces with marble tile pieces in matching shades.

And if you have tiled your shower, go ahead and cover the rest of the bathroom. You make the most quiet, serene room in the whole house. If you think that a whole shower tiled with wood looking tile might be a little too dark, take a tip from other room décor. Give your shower its own statement wall. Especially if all your tiles are white and clear, a wooden wall with tile design gives your bathroom the desired pop without overpowering the room.

While some may say that mixing your tile tones is a no-no in the establishment, they have not seen this shower. With all those different shades in the same small space you can completely get away with your two favorite  shower tiles when you cannot decide which one you like the most. Eventually it will be more modern than non-matching.