Charming Outdoor Sink Faucet

Garden Kitchen Sink

Outdoor sink faucet – To create an original and charming water feature in your garden without spending a fortune, you can install an improvised sink. Our tip gives you some decorating ideas. You can put it on a shelf, garden furniture or integrate it into a landscape garden. The imagination has no limit! An improvised sink is a touch of originality in a garden, but you may need to renovate or clean it before installing it.

You can install your sink near a terrace, in a summer kitchen or in a greenhouse. Or even several sinks if you have the chance to have a large garden. A water point in the garden is very practical. But to facilitate its installation and food, develop it near existing water networks, otherwise you will have to dig trenches to hide the new ducts.

Make no mistake, under its minimalist and refined airs, this monobloc kitchen nevertheless brings together all the equipment necessary to cook outdoors like a real chef. Under the immaculate sliding worktop, there is a sink and a 4-burner cooking station. Underneath, a sufficient number of storage spaces to store all the essential kitchen utensils . Not only ideal for cooking, this outdoor kitchen also allows guests to receive once the work plan slid. So your furnace, in a chic and refined atmosphere!