Change The Drain In A Vintage Pedestal Sink

Modern Vintage Pedestal Sink

Vintage pedestal sink can add a touch of elegance to your bathroom or toilet. These sinks have a pedestal that supports zinc above. The plinth also serves to hide the sink drain, lending a sleek and streamlined look to your sink. Replacing the drain in a pedestal sink requires some more steps than replacing one in a normal sink, mainly because you must first remove the base.


Take the vintage pedestal sink. This can be attached to the floor with anchor bolts and / or to the sink above. Gently move the base out of the way once it has been removed. Very heavy sinks should be braced from below with a block of wood or by an assistant when replacing the drain. Place the bucket under the P trap. Disconnect the trap from the sewer pipe inlet. Use a plumber wrench or pliers to turn the clutch counterclockwise. Do the same for the second coupling that attaches the trap to the straight end piece. Turn the P-trap over and empty it into the bucket.

Disconnect the pop-up plug, if any. Follow the horizontal lift bar from the vintage pedestal sink above where it meets the drain lever for the drain plug. Connection of two will be a small spring clip or wing nut. Remove this context and separate the two bars. Unscrew the coupling on the side of the string holder and pull out the coupling, together with the ball valve plug inside, out of the end article. Remove the sink. Unscrew the jamb nut, the large nut located under the drain, by turning it counterclockwise. Remove the jamb nut by sliding it from the tail, along with some washers above. Release the end piece by turning it counterclockwise.