Ceramic Wood Tile Has A Very Long Life

Ceramic Wood Tile Flooring

Ceramic wood tile can be either solid or parquet. A parquet-built wooden floor usually consists of three layers. The wear layer and the upper layer, which is what you see when the floor is laid, consists of the wood type floor. Is only slightly affected by the humidity. At the bottom there is a thin layer of softwood veneer. A solid wood floor can be sanded many times and therefore has a very long life.

Also, most parquet-built wooden floors can be sanded. But how many times it is possible depends entirely on how thick the wear layer is. The wear layer must be at least 2 mm thick in order for the floor to be sanded. There are several different types of wood floors, of which the four most common are plank floors, shipboard floors, parquet floors and parquet floors.

A plank floor is one-piece boards, which, when laid, it gives a unifor, quiet and exclusive look. Of the different types of wood flooring, the plank floor gives the best opportunity for the wood’s natural landscapes to be expressed. A plank ceramic wood floor is a strong floor that can last for many years. Especially if the floor is massive. In the case of a plank floor, cracks may occur between the boards. Especially when the floor is solid, when the wood “works” as a result of the varying humidity of the seasons.