Ceramic Shower Floor Tile Ideas

Tile Showers Without Doors

Shower Floor Tile Ideas – One of the reasons why ceramics are so popular that surrounds showers is that, in addition to their strength, affordability, and durability, they are versatile. Ceramics comes in more styles and colors than almost any other piece with strength, giving it an almost unlimited range of decoration possibilities. Use strong cement board to prevent cracking, properly grout the tile lines, and be sure to seal the grout lines against moisture.

Ceramic mosaic tile is very small – 1/2 inch wide by 2 inches – it allows you to make patterns, borders, and even words by mixing tiles of different colors. You do not have to pass each individual tile since already sheets or meshes are fixed so that they can be hung with placement adhesive. Use a razor to cut through the mesh and make specific shapes of the tile groups, then fit with other shapes to form your design. You can make a simple border design, a complex landscape mural, or even write your name in block letters of the mosaic. Application of mortar in the mosaic as you would with any other tile.

Ceramics comes in many shapes, sizes, and colors. It also comes in many finishes: high gloss polish, flat matte, rocky texture, smooth and others. The effect of hanging a grid of tiles that are the same size and color, but a confusing collection of different surface textures, is amazing. There is a subtle, interesting depth. You can extend this technique to the floor of the shower, but do not use the smooth tiles there – it will be slippery when wet.