Building Modern Tree House

Amazing Modern Tree House

Modern tree house serves two functions; they are both decorative and functional. Install shutters around the outside of the window dress the exterior and at the same time provide the needed protection against strong winds. Building wooden house shutters is not a simple process, but it can be done by a person with some experience of carpentry.


Measure the entire window, including trim and siding. Modern tree house will be built to the height measured, and half the width. Cut one of the 6-inch planks until the measurement is taken for the height of the windows. Place the cut 1 with the 6-inch planks tightly together on a flat surface. Make sure the tops and bottoms of the planks are still. Lay them both one of the four-inch planks over the others, four to six inches from the top and bottom. Screw in one of the four-inch planks, and lower the screws.

Prime doors with outdoor paint primer. Allow the doors to dry. Paint them with outdoor paint. Let them dry. Attach hinges to the outer edge of the door, just above or below one of the four-inch planks. If the window is larger than 28 inches, add a third hinge in the center of the shutter. Install a loop on a tree house, halfway the edge opposite the hinges.