Build Your Own Home Wet Bar

Unique Bar Sinks

Building a home wet bar  in a basement is great for “man cave”, where the only rules that apply are your own, helping to create a lounge or a posh lounge that doesn’t require you to leave home to have fun. A basement bar is also great way to give bar tends a shot without the pressure or the need to own a plant or a license, as long as everything is a complement.

Dry Bar Nearby

To build a dry bar top, three-fourth-inch plywood substrates will be cut to the required dimensions for the disk needed. The plywood may need to be wider to accommodate the bar stools at the top. Place wood of choice over plywood, secure wood together with nail or screw. Website Home and Garden Ideas recommend that you use oak as top. Dense wood with color paint or varnish choice. Use wood or laminate around the edge of the stack top to cover the exposed plywood.

Law bar Top

To build a bar in a basement, a sink needs to be installed. Consequently, the holes will have to be cut to accommodate the sink basin before installation. When painting or sealing the top of a wet bar, make sure the product helps waterproof the wood.