Best Wood Tile Bathroom Design

Wood Look Tile In A Bathroom

Wood Tile Bathroom – It is expected that bathroom designs are made to be applied using ceramic materials because they are considered waterproof and shiny. But why not try to use the warmest and most elegant ingredients in the world, namely wood? Aside from being a bathroom door and window, wood can also be made of floors, walls, or interiors. Want to know what inspiration you can explore from the application of wood in the bathroom design? Let’s see.

In a house where most of the material is made of wood, you can feel the countryside or the forest without the need to go back directly. As shown in the picture, the house bathroom combines not traditional and contemporary. Wood touches are everywhere, from chairs to bathroom panels. Still worried about using wood in a wet bathroom? Do not worry. Storage cupboards that are given a layer of wood are able to soften the corner of the bathroom. This interior is rarely in direct contact with air. This is the right mixture of ingredients.

This slim horizontal panel adds to the real depth and originality of wood, looking elegant from door to wall. To remember, black wood needs to be turned on to give off its dramatic effect. Steal the style from the sauna. The wooden bathroom can take the design of the sauna steam room. In addition to using a wooden seat, apply a wooden theme along with the shower panel and interesting arches above the basin. This structure adds to the storage area and adds to the beauty of the bathroom.