Best Plans For The Laundry Room Layout

Small Laundry Room Layout Design

The planning of a laundry room layout requires attention to detail and a focus on functionality. From decoration to the placement of devices and storage units and baskets, a laundry room should be themed, organized and to provide the best use of available space. Learn to plan your laundry room based on functionality and space efficiency.

Create a design plan that uses all available space. Consider how you will fix the washer and dryer to maximize the length and width of the room. Without losing space for poor angles, gaps, and uncomfortable placement. Consider available light and create a lighting plan that allows a safe space for adults and children. Design a design that saves space. Add shelves to maximize storage capacity. Doing so will also allow you to keep floors light and easily accessible to the washer and dryer. Provide a space for ironing and sorting clothes.

Add colors or create a theme. Topics such as “Home”, “Friendship”, “Summer” or “Nature” are ideal for decorating the laundry room. Use images, prints and wallpaper to create the theme of the room. Avoid adding unnecessary objects, but create a sense of comfort, nonetheless. Think more in terms of decorating the furniture wall or real accent pieces. Choose baskets that share a basic color scheme.