Best Log Cabin Floor Plans

Log Cabin Interior Idea

Log cabin floor plansIn a cabin or other structure that is meant to look more rustic, you can avoid the additional cost and labor associated with finishing floor by using 3/4 inch of tongue and groove plywood as a single layer of flooring. Place the first sheet of plywood at one of the corners of the floor reinforcement. The long dimension of the sheet must be perpendicular to the floor beams. Align the edges of the plywood with the edges of your floor system. Any misalignment will only get worse as you add subsequent sheets, so do this carefully.

Temporarily fasten the first sheet with a few nails on the floor joists, then add enough sheets to complete a row through the floor frame. Confirm that everything is correctly aligned. Nail the plywood into the floor joists with 8-d galvanized nails every 6 to 8 inches. Start the next row of the plywood with a half sheet. This will make your fall stronger by staggering the weak area where two sheets of plywood meet more than one joist.

Insert the tab of one sheet into the slot of the other before exposing the subsequent rows. Place a piece of scrap wood against the opposite edge and touch the piece of wood with a hammer. This will push the tongue perfectly into the groove without damaging the plywood.