Best Design Rustic Cabin Decor

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Rustic cabin decor touch adds warmth and soul to the interior. The rustic look is ideal for incorporating beloved family heirlooms, flea market finds, and re-used treasures of junkyard and collections of primitive and popular art. Add some rustic elements or aim for a complete rustic redesign.

Shabby chic is the way to go in rustic cabin style. Avoid smooth surfaces and anything that looks modern. A country dining room table or a lovely white patio table is ideal for dining. In the bedroom, consider a wrought iron bed with a loose fabric to create the feeling of a canopy. Combing the flea markets for interesting pieces such as antique cabinets, corner shelves, dressers, bedside tables, cabinets and telephone tables that can be painted with imitation finishes looking like heirlooms.

Rustic cottage style incorporates pieces that are meaningful to the homeowner. Display a collection of blue glass bottles on an open shelf in the kitchen. Or hang a floating shelf in the living room to show grandma’s old chipped tea cups. Find unmatched vintage frames and paint in the form of imitation gold flakes to show family photographs or art projects by the little ones. Hang quilts as wall art, or hang on a quilt rack at the foot of the bed.