Bedroom Decor In Small Basement Ideas

Elegant Cool Basement Ideas

Cellars are not available in all homes, but the houses that have cellars often use them for additional family rooms or a few small bedrooms. Using careful planning, a small basement ideas bedroom does not have to lack visual appeal just because the decor should also be functional.


Light in basement ideas is crucial to the functionality of a room because cellars tend to have minimal windows and less natural light. Because basements do not have the option of high or vaulted ceilings, lamps should be in the immediate vicinity of the basement ceiling. Track light or recessed light is suitable in small basement bedrooms. Install either light setting so the whole room is lit. And focus a few of the lights on areas that require a large amount of light like a desk or wardrobe.


Keeping the paint colors on the walls and in the bedroom furniture a bright color helps the basement layout seem larger by reflecting the most shed light. You are not limited to just white or ivory, so experiment with other bright shades like yellow or blue. Consider painting one or two walls a light shade. And keeping the other walls white to ivory or incorporating large multi-colored stripes into complementary light tones such as tan and beige for a more decorative approach.