Beautiful Wood Like Tile

Cottage Wood Look A Tile

Newly cut wood like tile are beautiful. But they are also delicate. They quickly become dirty and look worn. That is why all wooden floors should be surface treated before using them. But which product is best? This mainly depends on which room it is. The different products have their advantages and disadvantages. And the requirements for floors in bedrooms and floors in halls or kitchens differ a great deal. Not only that.

The wood like tile floors can be exposed to various wear and tear depending on who lives in the home. An elderly couple, who always take off their shoes when they come home and also wash or vacuum each week can have soap-treated floors in all rooms. A family of children, who may also have a dog or cat, should choose a more durable treatment for the floors, such as wax.

Do it yourself going through the various products and results of treatment with them and designate the three bests for each room in the home. Lint has not been included because lye does not provide any protection at all. Lint gives lighter floors but wood should also be protected with soap, wax, oil or varnish.