Beautiful Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Best Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Here are some clever deco tips to find the perfect small bathroom tile ideas … So that your small bathroom has everything a great! To create a small bathroom, there are now many tiling coatings. It must be admitted, however, that to create a small bathroom with tiles, porcelain stoneware may be better than earthenware. Indeed, earthenware, because of its composition, is more fragile and is less resistant to shocks than sandstone. It is therefore not recommended to use it for the floor of a bathroom.

In addition, porcelain stoneware is very easy to maintain because it is almost not porous. Remember also that for the development of small bathrooms, there are also materials to avoid on pain of feeling a little cramped visually. Small mosaic tiles for example: although very aesthetic, their small size would only remind the narrowness of the room. To forbid!

If you opt for tiling in a bathroom, you must be vigilant to the size of the tiles – especially if the bathroom is small. As such, it is said that a tiny tile in a bathroom too spacious is not wise. But the opposite is not true for small surfaces, on the contrary! Yes, in a small bathroom, it’s better to choose a big tile. Indeed, he will have the gift of pushing the walls visually, and the same for the floor.