Bathroom Tile Ideas With Visually Exciting Finish

Average Cost Bathroom Tile Ideas

Bathroom tile ideas – In many houses, shower tiles are ignore as the chance of a design. Because of the wide variety of tile colors, finishes, materials and shapes you can connect the shower to the rest of your bathroom design tiles. If you are planning, you should consider how you can use tiles to visually enhance the layout of the shower.

For extra vertical interest, turn tiles on a diagonal. This method creates more waste, but creates a visually exciting finish. Use accent strips and insert pieces to enhance your shower. Make a series of different color tiles or light strips at eye level in your shower edge to create an interesting line. Larger inserts can be center in a pattern of smaller tiles as a nice accent.

Consider using inserts in the same metallic color as the tap liner to tie your shower together. Bolder designs can be made with a checkerboard tile pattern using two or more colors. Use high-gloss tiles for a clean shine or matt tiles for a finish that will hide dirt. Grout colors can also use to create design accents. A similar color to your tile can create a clean flow to the wall and a contrasting joint color in a more decorative look.