Bathroom Sink With Cabinet: Bathroom Double Sink With Cabinet

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Bathroom sink with cabinet – The bathroom is the intimacy room par excellence. Yet the cabinet with double sink is becoming one of the most widespread interior design trends in modern homes. Once it was a choice synonymous with comfort and luxury that could only be found in hotels of a certain level. Today, however, it has definitely taken hold even in domestic settings.

For a family it can be a great way to avoid the queues at the bathroom door. But, like all design solutions, it can present its pros and cons. There are several ways to have a double sink vanity in the bathroom. The first is to insert two twins, independent and each with their own sink and mirror. They can be arranged side by side or opposite, on two distinct walls. Alternatively, you can think of the unique piece of furniture that includes both bathroom fixtures. Which still offers useful storage space.

This option is more compact so it saves some space. With the unique piece of furniture, in addition to the separate double vanity tops, you can also choose the integrated sink at the top. In the latter case the two washbasins hardly stand out and merge into a single surface. The extreme case is represented by the single- basin basins to be used in two with separate taps.