Basement Window Curtains With Small Space

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Basement Window Curtains – Basements are noticeably darker than the rest of the house and basement windows are generally small. However, do not think of this as a curse in your basement but rather a design challenge to solve. With care strategies, you can make the basement window appear larger than it really is and that at a maximum of light.

Swag is a form of window treatment that is completely decorative and does not block or filter light in any way, an effect that is perfect for a basement that you want to leave in a maximum amount of light. A booty window treatment is usually a piece of cloth twice as long as the length of the window covering around the curtain rod hanging in graceful dives around the window. Generally, with basements, you do not want to select curtains with dark colors since they can make space feel boxed in. However, ignore this rule with booty window treatments, since the loot curtains around the window. Hang the booty inches up and window to give it an elongated effect. The dark color of the booty will contrast the incoming light from the window, making it seem more abundant.

A very logical way to use curtains for a basement window is to select a single transparent curtain, such as linen, lace, gauze or comparable materials. These fabrics carefully filter the light, keep privacy light without the basement more than necessary. When hanging such a curtain, hang the curtain rod a few inches higher than normal above the window and let the fabric hang to the floor to create an illusion of elongation, making the window look bigger than it really is.