Basement Lighting Ideas Pleasant!

Basement Bar Lamps

Insufficient basement lighting ideas, it’s far from pleasant! The recessed lights offer many beam options, intensity, bulbs (LED, halogen …), and are installed both on the ceiling and the floor (recessed in the floor, the lights give the bonus of the height!). For a more direct and uniform lighting, choose fluorescent: you will be able to counteract its cold effect by opting for a warm shade and by dimming the lighting.

The key: combine different types of general lighting and complement with wall sconces, floor lamps and table lamps. Several solutions are possible to maximize the brightness in the basement: open the stairwell to diffuse the light of the ground floor, bet on an open layout, create openings in the walls, introduce glass partitions etc.

It also happens that exterior modifications must be made to the residence, such as incorporating curbs that comply with building standards. If these are well cleared, they will promote the passage of light in the basement. And create points of light. But do not forget that dark colors also have their place! They can indeed give character to a room or inject him a muffled soul worthy of a bar or a cinema. There is no rule; it all depends on the function and style of the room.