Basement Ceiling Tiles Option

Modern Ceiling Tiles

Basement ceiling tiles – Basement is a great place to put a laundry, a game or playroom or even an extra bedroom. Unfortunately, they are also where most homes hold high or ugly household appliances such as water heaters and ovens. It is also where most plumbing, ventilation ducts and power lines are run. Converting a basement into a more family-friendly environment means that they are piping and pipes. The two main options for putting a ceiling in a basement are drop roof tiles or plaster.

Drop Branch

Perhaps the most popular choice among most homeowners is the drop or ceiling. Drop roofs consist of small light panels hanging from a metal frame. These frames are light and easy to install. Ceiling panels come in an increasing variety of colors and styles. The main advantage of this type of roof is that the panels remain loose and can be individually removed and replaced easily. This gives access to some pipes or wires above them. This is of great importance should you need to repair them.


Plaster will add a much more finished and sophisticated look without sacrificing height. A basement with a plaster ceiling will look more like the other finished rooms in your house and can be painted to suit any style. The disadvantage of plaster is installing it on a roof is extremely challenging. Plaster is quite heavy and all of the putty and grinding must be done overhead. The second drawback is that if you need to access all pipes or wires, you have to tear down plaster, damage your roof in the process.